FINCA started its operations in Zambia in 2001. Since then, FINCA has grown to become the biggest enterprise-lending Microfinance Institution in the country.

FINCA Zambia is a subsidiary of FINCA International, a global micro-finance network that provides financial services to entrepreneurs to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions. FINCA International serves over one million clients in 23 countries and 5 continents across the world. In Zambia, FINCA operates as a Non-Bank Financial Institution with a strong social mission. We provide access to flexible financial solutions that help our clients achieve their life goals conveniently – build a business, acquire assets, improve their living conditions or invest in the education of their children.

Our loans help entrepreneurs to grow their business and generate income they need to reinvest and create employment. Savings create Wealth and Security for our clients and help us achieve our mission; our clients can provide stability for their families, for example pay school fees when needed or pay the hospital in case of emergency.

Our brand values ensure a positive footprint and we are committed to the avoidance of over-indebtedness, transparent pricing, appropriate loan collection, ethical staff behavior, mechanism to redress grievances and protection of privacy of client data.

 “Savings create Wealth and Security for our clients and help us achieve our mission…”

FINCA Zambia Ltd is a Microfinance Deposit Taking Institution regulated by The Bank Of Zambia under the Banking and Financial Services (Microfinance) Regulations, 2006. FINCA ZAMBIA is a subsidiary of FINCA Microfinance Holding Company LLC (FMH), and part of a network of 21 microfinance institutions and banks that provide socially responsible financial services that enable low-income individuals and communities to invest in the future.
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