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What loan products do you offer?
We offer group and individual loans. For Group Loans, members of the group should be at least three and above and they can as many as ten. For individual loans, we have Business and Small Enterprise Loans.

How long does it take to access a loan from FINCA?
Loan processing takes at least 5 working days provided that all requirements are met and all necessary documents are submitted.

How often am I required to make payments?
Repayments are made Monthly.

How much do I have to pay back monthly?
Your regular monthly repayment/Instalment depends on the approved loan period and amount (The longer the loan period, the less the loan Instalments). Your Account Relationship Officer will provide you with a loan repayment schedule.

How much can I apply for?
Our loan amounts range from K1,000 to K1,000,000.

What collateral do you require for the loan?
Depending on the loan amount, collateral can range from chattels to tangible assets.

Do you finance start-up businesses?

At the moment we do not finance start-up businesses.

Do you give Salary based loans?

No we do not give salary based loans. We are an enterprise lending institution, loan repayments are made from business income.

Can I use income from sources other than business to pay off the loan?

Although our loan assessment is based on business income, you may be allowed to use income from other sources to pay off the loan.

Do you give educational or house loans?

We do not give education or house loans. Our loans are for business purposes.


What Savings products do you have?

We have an ordinary savings account; FINCA Saver , Fixed Term Deposit (FTD) and a Corporate Account.

What are the requirements for opening a Savings account?
A valid identity card (NRC, Passport, Driving license), address verification documents i.e utility bills.

For companies, the following are required: A certificate of incorporation/ registration, Memorandum and articles of association, resolution from directors/Company form 5.

How much is the interest rate on a savings account?

Interest rates on savings depend on the type of savings account, the amount of money saved and the period. The longer the period and greater the amount, the higher the interest rate and subsequent returns.

How often can I withdraw money from the savings account?

There is no withdrawal limit on our savings accounts, however,  with the Fixed Term Deposit, one can only make a withdrawal after maturity.

What fees are charged on a savings accounts? 

Refer to tariff guide/pricing list displayed  in the branches and available upon request.

Agency Banking

Can I trust the FINCA Express Service?

Yes, all transaction carried out at a FINCA Express Agent are secure:

  • The Point of Sale Terminal used require biometric client identification before transaction is processed- no one else can access your account.
  •  In additional, you will receive a receipt for all transactions you make.

What do I have do to perform a transaction at a FINCA Express Agent? 

It’s simple, enroll at your local branch to use the service; your biometric data will be captured and you will be able to transact at any FINCA Express Agent.

How do I register/enroll to use the service?

Registration is simple, quick and free. Visit your nearest FINCA Branch to be enrolled. Note that registration is only done at a FINCA branch.

Why does an existing FINCA client have to register?

The registration comprises of capturing biometric data;  a digital fingerprint gives the only possibility of accessing your account at FINCA Express Agent.

How much does it cost to transact at a FINCA Express Agent?

All transaction at FINCA Express Agent are free.

How will I know that the money has been deposited in my account?

You will receive a receipt for your deposit and for any other transaction performed as confirmation that the transaction has gone through.

Are transaction at a FINCA Express Agent possible when FINCA branches are closed for business?

Yes, that is the advantage of FINCA Express Service, to serve clients within their locations and outside FINCA barnch service hours.

Where can I find a FINCA Express Agent?

You can find our agents in all town where we have a branch and a few other towns where we don’t have a branch. See our agent network



Can I access your services such loans and savings if I live in a region or town where you do not operate?

Unfortunately, our services are only available to those within and on the outskirts of the regions or towns we operate due to the high operational costs involved in business assessments and monitoring.

Where are you found?

We are found in Chingola, Kitwe, Ndola, Kapiri, Kabwe, Lusaka, Chipata, Kafue, Mazabuka, Monze and Choma. See our branch network

Which times and days are you open for business?

We are open from 08:30 to 16:00 hours on week days other than public holidays.

Do you have ATMs?
We do not have ATM facilities at the moment.

FINCA Zambia Ltd is a Microfinance Deposit Taking Institution regulated by The Bank Of Zambia under the Banking and Financial Services (Microfinance) Regulations, 2006. FINCA ZAMBIA is a subsidiary of FINCA Microfinance Holding Company LLC (FMH), and part of a network of 21 microfinance institutions and banks that provide socially responsible financial services that enable low-income individuals and communities to invest in the future.
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