Chawama Cheshire home is a home for old and physically challenged people.

The Cheshire home mainly relies on donations and gifts from organisations and individuals in order to provide food for its residents. Food is sometimes shared between the residents and the street kids who frequent the Cheshire home for solace.

Every Tuesday, Chawama Cheshire home always holds an open day during which several disabled people and street kids visit the Cheshire home and fed. On this particular day, the Cheshire home uses more than one bag of mealie meal (maize flour) and double the amount of other foodstuffs.

It is for this reason that on this year’s commemoration of women’s day on 8th March under the theme “Gender is my agenda”, FINCA Chawama branch decided to make a small donation to Chawama Cheshire Home as part of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). FINCA recognizes the hard work and efforts of the catholic nuns who look after the resident of chawama Cheshire home. The nuns only have one vehicle which they use for errands and emergencies such as sickness etc.

FINCA donated washing soap, toiletries, mealie meal (maize flour), tomatoes and onions. Receiving the donation, Chawama Cheshire home representative thanked FINCA for the gesture and had this to say …”the old and physically challenged people always feel unwanted by society and therefore, we are very humbled by your visit. Catholic Nuns work very tirelessly to look after the residents of this home and thereby rids the community of people alms begging”.