Our Payroll Service provides solutions for administrative and financial challenges faced by small and big employers when disbursing salaries to their employees. With this Service, we process salary payments on behalf of employers to their employees at a lower cost by eliminating paperwork and improving security, whilst providing employees with better service and value for their hard work.


To the employer:

  • Quicker Salary processing times

  • Improved Security

  • Reduced cost

  • Increased employee satisfaction and welfare

  • Preferential accessibility to other FINCA products and services

To the employee:

  • Simplicity and Security

  • Better income management

Additional Features

  • Exceptional customer service

  • Affordability

  • Flexibility

The Payroll Service is an additional and optional service or feature available on our Corporate Account.


  • Own a profitable business

  • Employer with at least 3 employees

  • Zambian Resident

  • Holder of a FINCA Corporate Account