Term Deposit

Where Your Money Works For You

Fixed Term Deposit offers you an opportunity to build wealth and secure your future.


Reap the benefits from your FINCA Fixed Deposit Account through:

  • Competitive interest rates for your deposit for the duration of the term

  • Compared to other types of investments (e.g. stocks, property), term deposits are easy to set up

  • You’re assured of returns for your investment

  • Access to your funds upon maturity

  • You can have the interest paid out straight to your bank account, or have the funds reinvested

  • Can be used as security for loan facilities

Additional Features

  • No fees incurred during the fixed period thereby a customer earns more interest

  • A low minimal investment; as low as K250

  • You have a range of terms to choose from: 3 month to 12 months investment plan

Fixed Term Deposit account is designed to suit the needs of individuals, entrepreneurs or companies who wish to accomplish a specific investment goal in a specific period and these include:

  • Individuals and companies that wish to save money for a long period without withdrawing it

  • Individuals and companies that wish to watch their money multiply as a result of high interest accruals


  • Individuals must be 18 years and above

  • Must have a form of identification such as NRC, passport, Driver’s License and work permit for foreigners… (Account opening requirements apply)

  • Completed Application Form

  • Proof of physical address