Flock of Luck

Elizabeth Katalilo was forced out of school in her ninth grade after her father abandoned her mother and her 11 siblings. Narrating her childhood life from her poultry, Elizabeth said her mother struggled to provide for family needs. The hardships of life forced Elizabeth Katalilo into an early marriage hoping for a better life. Fortunately for Elizabeth, her husband made just enough money to support the family.

However, as time went by Elizabeth’s family grew to appoint where her husband could no longer provide adequately for the children’s school needs. Thus, Elizabeth opted to find employment at local hospice where she earned money to help pay for children’s school needs.

Unfortunately, her beloved husband died in 2010, leaving the 47-year-old Elizabeth as the sole provider for the eight children. Soon thereafter, Elizabeth started experiencing difficulties to provide for both the family’s living expenses and school fees. This experience triggered something in Elizabeth’s life which made her make decision to raise chickens for added income.

However, the small number of birds she could afford didn’t add enough income to make a significant impact on the family welfare. Elizabeth learned about FINCA from a friend, and saw it as an opportunity to expand the size of her flock. Elizabeth joined a village bank and took her first loan which allowed her to increase the size of her flock from 100 to 300 chickens, more than doubling the profits she had previously earned. She is now more easily able to pay for her children’s school needs and provide for home needs. Elizabeth plans use subsequent FINCA loans to build a bigger poultry house and expand her business even more.