“FINCA has helped me a lot…”

High unemployment levels in the country has forced many youths in the country to engage themselves in bad vices in order to earn a living.

James Shatunka is one of the a few youths in the country who ventured in to business soon after completing his education in the year 2000. James sells charcoal at Mt’endere Market in Lusaka so that he could provide for his family. When his wife was still in employment, James managed to grow his business to a level where he could buy or order 200 by 90 kg bags of charcoal at a go.

However, as time went by, his wife lost her job and James had to solely take up the responsibility of providing for all home needs and those of his school going children. This sudden change of events greatly affected his business to a point where James could no longer afford to reinvest his profits back into his business. His stock levels gradually reduced from 200 to 50 bags which subsequently affected his profits. A humble looking James narrates that at one time, his children had to be sent back from school because he could not afford to pay for their school fees.

After struggling for quite some time to provide for his family, James decided to share his challenges with a friend who was apparently working with FINCA to grow his business. James was encouraged and motivated by his friend to work with FINCA after learning how FINCA helped his friend to grow and his business.

With his first Loan, James invested it all into his charcoal business and he is now able to order at least 100 bags of charcoal. James wants to grow his business to a level where he will be able to buy 200 bags again. At this level, James says he will be able to provide for home needs without a hustle.