Empowering Clients

Kakunda Siyanga has been working with FINCA since its inception in Zambia in 2001 and is one of the founder members of Odi Oko Village bank.

Kakunda lives in Lusaka’s Mt’endere Township with her husband and seven children. For over ten years, Kakunda has been working with FINCA to grow her business in order to improve her family welfare.

Unfortunately, Kakunda’s husband has not been able to provide for all basic needs for the family. Therefore, as she improved her business with FINCA, Kakunda has been able to help her husband to provide for children’s school needs such as uniforms, books and pay for their school fees. “My business has grown from a small restaurant that I started with, to a big hardware shop that you are seeing now. Over the years, my profits have increased and I have been able to buy households goods such as a TV sets, fridge, display units etc. thereby providing more comfort to my family,” said Kakunda with a smile on her face.

At the time of this interview, one of Kakunda’s children was actually receiving the best education at one of the expensive college in Lusaka, something she never thought she could provide for her children.

Kakunda is one of the many FINCA clients in Zambia that have been financially empowered and now, she is able to do what she could not do before. In the near future, Kakunda and her husband are planning to build a house for their family so that they do not have to pay rent anymore.